Four (4) Tips For Asking Better Questions

“Judge a man by his questions, not by his answers.”

When presented with a problem, ask questions instead of telling the answer.  You will help yourself by assisting others to create their own solutions and to build confidence and skills.


Try These Four Tips For Asking Better Questions:

  1. Keep the questions open-ended.  Ask stimulating questions that encourage people to think for themselves.  Start your questions with a “what” or a “how.”


  1. Ask questions based on curiosity, such as “What do you think you might do?” or “What might that look like?”  Do not ask leading questions. Avoid asking questions where you embed the answer you are looking for (often referred to as a loaded or leading questions).


  1. Encourage brainstorming for solutions such as “What do you suggest we do to get the best results?” or “What do you believe might work in this situation?” Both are great questions because they elicit ownership and sharing of ideas.


  1. Create an effective coaching questioning culture. Ask team members to bring critical questions to meetings and show that you value their queries through facilitating round-table discussion of the questions brought forward. Or, if you work alone, brainstorm questions to ask yourself. Give yourself 15 to 20 minutes, come back and start answering the questions. Test this out, see what happens.