“I was unexpectedly pleased that within the first two weeks of RESULTS NOW starting working with us, some of my staff began thanking me for bringing in your team.” Angus Watt

National Bank Financial

“I have attended many motivational and training seminars and after experiencing the first day of Blair’s workshop, I can only say one thing, WOW!  This man is passionate about what he does and he cares.”

Kevin Boyle, West coast Regional Manager, Klassen Family Inc.

“In one month plus one day my organization went from ‘pulling the plug’ to full scale operations.  And we have more than $100,000 in net revenue within one month.  Never has the importance of staying resourceful and asking’ what might I do right now’ been so clearly evident.”

Wayne Tebb, Management Consultant

“I was unexpectedly pleased that within the first two weeks of RESULTS NOW starting working with us, some of my staff began thanking me for bringing in the your team.”

Angus Watt, National Bank Financial

“To a large degree I attribute my top sales and management career to Blair Dunkley’s training. In the last 25 years I have personally invested over $100,000 in the best Continuing Education programs in the Human Potential Movement. By a far shot RESULTS NOW Is the most effective training that I am aware of today. In my opinion Blair Dunkley Could Train TONY ROBBINS to be more Successful & It won’t be long before OHPRA finds Out about him.

Neil R. Irwin, Financial Planning Veteran & Top Western Canadian Global Learning Agent and Graduate of Blair Dunkley Training 1991.

“I have been working with Melissa and using the tools for the last 6 months now and it has transformed not only my professional life, but how I conduct my personal life as well. On professional level, the tools like, IBeR and getting laser focused on my action steps, has taken me from having a complacent mindset and made me solution and forward based thinker.  Working in a commission based industry; it has increased my income by 40% in only six months.

This training has transferred into my personal relationships with friends and family, and allowed me to be more present and concentrate on what is really important, as opposed to being tied down with the “what if” scenarios of my business. It has allowed me to develop a clear and precise direction of where my business is going, without it running my life.”

Shpend 🙂

“I wanted to drop you a note to give my thoughts.

Right now I’m about 6 months into the E-Leadership course and seeing the light.  I’m 32 years old and played a professional sport for 12 years.  During that time I was very self-involved, I felt showered in admiration and did not have to consider others.  If I ran into an issue with one person, I could remove them and  there would be  somebody waiting to give me what I wanted.  It was like living in my own little bubble that I created to fulfill me.  After I retired, I started living the “normal” life and realized that people are not waiting to meet my needs or wants anymore.  I would have to consider others and make an effort to show their importance.  I knew I wanted to work on my social interaction and was fortunate to come across the Results Now program.

Over the 6 months I’ve discovered a new way to look at communication.  It really comes down to what people are saying to each other.  Whether it’s business or personal, I’ve found I can improve anything I want, just by getting curious in others and asking effective questions.  The skills go far beyond this, however at this stage I feel it has had a tremendous effect helping me pop my bubble.  With 4 more months to go, it’s scary to think of where I’ll be and where I will go from there.  The passion to learn these skills and my improvement is at an all time high for me, it’s been a pleasure and I appreciate the opportunity.”

Thank you,

Ray Schultz

Barry Cruickshank wrote: Here is a quote from a friend of mine, Lee, who has studied with Blair for some time. As I was researching Blair I asked for his opinion, this is what Lee said:

“Blair Dunkley is a master of communication, both verbal and non-verbal. He has the ability to look into a person’s actions and words, and distinctly understand all the undertones of a conversation.

In short not only is Blair a profiler, he understands how to effectively change people from a stuck state to a state of action. To effectively demonstrate the power of this, Blair moved a 1 million dollar a year company to 27 million a year. He effectively trained a tax shelter salesman to selling 100,000 dollars worth of tax shelters to over 2 million dollars worth of tax shelters within the span of a year. If you want to grow the sales of your company, then send your people to his course on sales. If you want to get your company up to the next level of business, he is the man to talk to. However, there are two things: he does not come cheap, and he is very busy, so don’t be surprised if you come in secondary or tertiary to multibillion dollar company CEOs and fledgling banks who are looking to take over their market share. I remember one anecdote of Blair’s where he went into a start-up oil company to deal with a CEO with… people issues, to say it mildly. They had gone through 4 consultants before Blair got there, and Blair was the only one to address the problem correctly, and now the company flourishes. Anyway, I digress, we get our sales teams taught… because what Blair teaches impacts their lives on all levels not just in sales, however that will be the focus if you so choose it to be.”