We are here to help you solve problems.  When (not if)  you have problems with people, processes or business performance, we can help.  With our vast experience, in community development, corporate training, individual coaching, business consulting, and leadership team development, there are few problems that surprise us.

We work with individual entrepreneurs, small, medium and large businesses to improve their human capital.  On project bases we also work with industry and government to improve job skills opportunities for specific new immigrants, First Nations, and young adults.

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Problem solving is a critical function in daily living, and all too frequently individuals do not have adequate skill level in problem resolution. Thus it may be more meaningful to state that many individuals can benefit from training when there is a need, and willingness, on the part of those individuals to either develop new problems solving skills or to improve on existing skills so that they are able to deal more effectively with business and life situations.

Passionate about effecting change.

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