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We are corporate trainers, dedicated to igniting higher performance effectiveness for individuals, teams and organizations. Moving people to the next level with skills that stick and systems that work.
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Melissa Dunkley

CEO Of ResultsNOW Inc.

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Blair Dunkley

Owner, Co President, Founder of ResultsNOW Inc.

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ResultsNow Consulting

“In one month plus one day my organization went from ‘pulling the plug’ to full scale operations. And we have more than $100,000 in net revenue within one month. Never has the importance of staying resourceful and asking’ what might I do right now’ been so clearly evident.” Wayne Tebb

Management Consultant

“I was unexpectedly pleased that within the first two weeks of RESULTS NOW starting working with us, some of my staff began thanking me for bringing in the your team.” Angus Watt

National Bank Financial

“I have attended many motivational and training seminars and after experiencing the first day of Blair’s workshop, I can only say one thing, WOW! This man is passionate about what he does and he cares.” Kevin Boyle

West coast Regional Manager, Klassen Family Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common problems you are asked to deal with?

Most clients struggle with their business growth being stuck at the same level for two or more years.

What are the solutions you offer to these common problems?

Businesses will get stuck for a few different reasons, but the consistent main issue is lack of effective management and leadership. So we train people in core management skills and practical leadership competencies.

How long does it take until a client will see results from your interventions?

In most cases we are providing value in our free consultation sessions. After we start with a client our first sessions, after the basic orientation of objectives, expectations and key results; clients will see significant improvements within a week.


How long are your typical training engagements with business clients?

Depending on what they are seeking to achieve; we will work with clients for three months to five plus years. In the longer periods of time with a client it will depend on a few key factors such as the size of company, desired growth and when we need to change a corporate culture.